Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors Remediation Task Force

This is the main page for the CORD RTF repository. It is designed as a resource for Emergency Medicine staff and Program Directors who are experiencing challenges with resident remediation.

This wiki is designed to guide PDs and APDs as a resource with resources developed and collated by members of the Remediation Task Force. Below you will see links to specific material for each of the core competencies. Additionally, below are some general articles on remediation in Emergency Medicine.

RTF Consults are available at gro.medroc|tlusnoCFTR#gro.medroc|tlusnoCFTR. This is an important resource for anyone who has specific, sensitive remediation questions for an expert in resident remediation. You will see examples of completed consults throughout the wiki. Please reach out to our task force if you would like expert guidance with difficult residents.

Example Remediation Contracts
General Remediation Literature
Medical Knowledge
Patient Care
Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Overview of Remediation and Language, WestJEM Article by Members of the RTF

Prevalence and Success of Remediation in EM, WestJEM Article by Members of the RTF]

Problem Resident Guide, A Milestone Based Overview for Remediation

Guiding Principles for Remediation

Example Remediation Contracts
This page has a listing of example remediation contracts. These are actual remediation contracts that have had personal information redacted. We hope this resource will be useful to programs attempting their own remediations. You will also find examples within some of the subgroups as well.

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